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Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods
Applications to Physical Systems
second edition
Harvey Gould and Jan Tobochnik
(c)Addison-Wesley, 1996


News on Jun 24, 2003

Prebuilt binaries compatible with the latest GrWin Library 0.99.9a is now available.

News on Jan 10, 2002

New source code compatible with the latest GrWin Library 0.99.8b was released.

ALL the TrueBASIC programs listed in this excellent text on simulations in physics have been converted to C and Fortran77 based on the GrWin Library for graphics:


Executables for Windows (x86)

Chapter 2

compare, cool, do_loop, example, ginger, no_pass, pass, plot_function, product, product2, series, series_test, tasks, wheel

Chapter 3

drag, free_fall, single_column, strong

Chapter 4

circle, mouse, no_circle, planet, planet2, scatter, vector

Chapter 5

animation, pendula, print, rc, sho

Chapter 6

bifurcate, entropy_fragment, graph_sol, iterate_map, period, poincare

Chapter 7

box, fermat, nucleardecay, randomwalk

Chapter 8

example_data, hd, md, r2

Chapter 9

analyze, fftdemo, interfere, oscillators, synthesize

Chapter 10

fieldline, laplace, magnetism, maxwell, radiation, verify

Chapter 11


Chapter 12

lattice_gas, random_walk2

Chapter 13

continuum, rg, site, site2

Chapter 14

cca, dla, eden, invasion, koch, pcluster

Chapter 15

ca1, ca2, genetic, hopfield, sandpile

Chapter 16

conduct, demon, ideal

Chapter 17

boltzmann, ising

Chapter 18

eigen, qmwalk, tdse

Chapter 19



(*) Launch grwnd.exe before executing one of the above executables. See this for reference.

All source files in C and Fortran77 are compressed as an archive file

/downloads/en/Src-Eng.tgz   (256,583 Bytes).

To generate and to execute executables properly the version 0.99.8b or later of the GrWin Library must be used.

In addition to the source code, executables generated from the converted source code in C with a free compiler system MinGW and other files necessary to generate and execute the executables are compressed as an archive file

/downloads/en/All-Eng.tgz    (4,721,843 Bytes).

In this archive file only a kit for MinGW and Visual C++ and Visual Fortran is included. Other free compiler systems (GNU-Win32) can also be used to generate executables from the converted source code. To use some or all of those free systems see the Web site for the GrWin Library mentioned below.

The GrWin Library is a library of graphics routines for Fortran and C developed specifically on Windows 2000/NT/9x (x86) platforms using GNU-Win32 and VC++. The latest version (lGrWnXXX.tgz) is available at an anonymous ftp site


and associated documentation is available at


Any comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. expand the distribution file All-Eng.tgz in a directory by, for example, a command 'tar xvfz All-Eng.tgz' with GNU-tar
  2. move the files in the bin directory to a directory on a search path
  3. move the files in the include directory to a directory or to directories in which your compiler can find them, say "C:/MinGW/include" for MinGW and/or "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/Include" for VC++
  4. move lib/*.a to a directory in which your MinGW linker can find it, say "C:/MinGW/lib"
  5. move lib/*.lib to a directory in which your VC++ linker can find it, say "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/Lib"
  6. read READMEe.html with any browser to know about grwnd.exe
  7. a Perl system must be installed if you use both or one of the Perl scripts tb2c.pl and tb2f.pl, converters from TrueBASIC to C and Fortran77, respectively (Do not trust them so much :-)
To make all the executables from the source code with MinGW, first install the MinGW compiler system on your computer, and then simply do as follows on a console window (or DOS prompt):
That's all. Have fun with doing physics!

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