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This is a beta release of the project of the GrWin Library. The specifications of the library routines described in the the user's manual are almost the same as of the future authorized first release 1.00.X, though bugs and wrong descriptions in documentation are still anticipated.

This project is under developing, and some versions will be distributed after this. If different versions of files libGrWin.a, GrWin.h and grwnd.exe are used together the resultant executables do not work properly, in principle. When running an executable of your application created with the GrWin Library of a version different from that of grwnd.exe using, you see a warning message like

WARNING: XXX [x,x,x,x] is older than YYY [y,y,y,y]

where [x,x,x,x] and [y,y,y,y] show the versions of XXX and YYY, respectively. The version numbers of the library and the compatible grwnd.exe can be obtained also by calling GWVERSION in the library.

The latest version is available at

Using a utility f77chk in the distribution, fortran source code can be checked if it is suited for the current version of the library.

If you experienced problems please contact the author. The previous and older releases are available (please do not redistribute any of those older releases).

The project itself is intended to be used for all of Windows Xp/2000/NT and Windows Me/9x platforms, but some features do not properly work on Windows Me/9x. So it is strongly recommended to use the software on Windows Xp/2000/NT4.

grwnd.exe and vcpp/GrWin.lib were created by using Microsoft VC++ 6.0 (MFC for grwnd.exe). MinGW\libGrWin.a was created by using MinGW-2.0. mingw32\libGrWin.a and mingw32m\libGrWin.a were created by using gcc-2.95.2-mingw32. cygwin\libGrWin.a was created by using Cygnus Cygwin 1.3.x. cygb20\libGrWin.a was created by using Cygnus Cygwin B20.1 + gcc-2.95.2-cygb20. uwin\libGrWin.a was created by using AT&T UWIN 3.x + gcc-2.95.2-uwin. bcc\GrWin.lib was created by using Borland C++ Compiler 5.5. dmc\GrWin.lib was created by using Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers.

The above mentioned files and associated documents are copyrighted by Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCH, but available freely for any purposes. Users may redistribute the file lGrWn0999be.tgz to third parties for non-commercial purposes provided that no charge except necessary minimum costs in the distribution is made.

This software is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind.

Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCHI <>

Last modified:  Sun Jun 29 10:32:40 JST 2003