Platforms and supported compilers

The GrWin Library with grwnd.exe is expected to work on any PC's where one of Windows Xp/2000/NT/Me/9x (x86) is running. In developing this project, a top priority is to make a free system, and currently main targets are MinGW-2.0 and Cygnus Cygwin 1.3.x. Other compiler systems listed in the table below are also available. Especially as f2c ( a Fortran 77 to C translator ) is supported for Intel(R) C++, Borland C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++ and Digital Mars C/C++ compilers, those users who do not have a Fortran compiler can do graphics programming by Fortran 77.

This project has been developed specifically for Win32 platforms ( Windows Xp/2000/NT/Me/9x ), and deeply depends on the Win32 API. So there is no plan to port this to other platforms.

Supported compiler systems
compiler abbr. *1 FORTRAN C / C++ f2c free notes
MinGW-2.0 MinGW g77 gcc / g++ n/a yes
Cygnus Cygwin 1.3.x cygwin g77 gcc / g++ n/a yes
Open Watcom C/C++ and Fortran 1.0 watcom wfl386 wcl386 n/a yes
Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 bcc n/a bcc32 avail. yes
Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers dmc n/a sc avail. yes
Intel(R) C++/Fortran Compiler 7.1 Intel ifl icl avail. no *2
Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0 vcpp n/a cl avail. no
Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6 vf df n/a n/a no
gcc-2.95.2-mingw32 (MSVCRT) mingw32m g77 gcc / g++ n/a yes *3
gcc-2.95.2-mingw32 (CRTDLL) mingw32 g77 gcc / g++ n/a yes *3
gcc-2.95.2-cygb20 cygb20 g77 gcc / g++ n/a yes *4
gcc-2.95.2-uwin / AT&T UWIN 3.x uwin g77 gcc / g++ n/a *5 *6
*1 applicabe only in the GrWin documentation
*2 C/C++ and Fortran are independent products.
*3 a previous version of MinGW, by Mumit Khan.
*4 a previous beta version of Cygwin 1.n.x
*5 not free, but educational, research, and evaluation copies available.
*6 GrWin supports only gcc-2.95.2 under UWIN.

Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCHI <>

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